EDUCATION: Business Context Map - Mapping Emerging Trends 



Interactions, events, information shared with a larger audience/group in the actual world or the virtual world.  At the core of social is the self.  Our virtual profiles and presence are a selective projection of our ideal self. 

Social everything in the context of education means communication and content sharing becomes automatic, creating a passive social life.  When objects become social constant monitoring leads to total transparency and authenticity.  


Existing independently.  Not controlled by outside forces.  Separate from external forces, everything becomes self-sufficient.  Objects act, react, and adapt to surroundings, context, and environment without human control.  In effect, reducing the load of its owner and allowing more time for what really matters.  

Autonomous everything in the context of education means objects and systems reduce the load of tasks for both students and teachers, creating more time for the important things.  All of the necessary tools present themselves when needed.  Feedback is now in real time allowing for instant correction, improvement, and growth. 

"Mindlessness is the new mindfulness"


Heightening the overall value of a product or service.  Adding value through non physical elements.

Augmented everything in the context of education means augmenting the experience of learning by gaining access to real environments, in real time, and in real scale.  Brings new dimensions to learning. 


Unconventional forms of education are emerging as a result of new technologies in the classroom.  Today's students spend large amounts of time on social media platforms.  Schools are beginning to utilize these platforms as a way of communication and sharing content with their students.  A shift to a more social type of learning with the inclusion of new technologies such as augmented reality and autonomous objects, classrooms will transform completely.  Curriculums will focus on interest based learning that are more self directed and individual to the student.  With the introduction of augmented reality, learning becomes contextual and tactile.  The need for actual classrooms will disappear, learning can happen from remote locations or in the virtual world.  Gaining access to real environments, in real time, in real scale through technology adds new dimensions to learning.  

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