Living Water Project

A system of products carefully designed and strategically installed to increase water consumption, physical activity, and a sense of positive convergence and community for people working in small to middle sized institutions and businesses.

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Rootine Bottle

A water vessel designed to encourage users in remembering to drink water. The suggested symbiotic relationship between the living plant’s vitality and the bottle user’s own act of hydrating will help them to form healthier habits for consuming more water

Shared Water Dispenser

Communal water dispenser featuring a floating self-watering terracotta planter that celebrates life for both students and plants in an urban work environment

Kinetic Drinking Fountain

Kinetic drinking fountain designed to encourage more water consumption, by connecting users with nature in an urban setting. This re-imagined fountain located in primary circulation areas of institutions is meant to obstruct user’s path, reminding them to stay hydrated 


Systems Thinking

When Design Thinking and System Thinking are combined, a far more powerful problem-solving and decision-making way of thinking is activated.

The Living Water system proposal has three conceptually  related products developed in the context of OCAD University, but which can be applied to other small institutions and businesses. Each of the three designs can be used independently, however, when combined in a system setting, the relationships between the products elevate their function and result in a greater, more meaningful impact for all the stakeholders.  

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